Unique Chaga Mushroom Products for Resellers and Consumers – Deliveries from Alavieska to All of Finland

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Tapu Ltd produces and sells unique chaga mushroom products. Our range includes teas, powders, granules, chunks, and extracts. We also offer berry powders, juices, and various dried herbs.


We sell products to both resellers and direct consumers. We deliver products from Alavieska to all of Finland and Europe.


Learn more about our products and inquire for more information! You can also place an order directly from our online store.

Unique Products from Chaga

We sell chaga mushroom in powder, granule, and chunk forms. You can also get chaga teas, extracts, and tinctures in different-sized packages from us.


Our operations follow HACCP principles. By adhering to the HACCP system, we ensure the safety of the food products we produce.

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Chaga teas

Chaga teas are available in six different flavors: original, vanilla, chocolate-mint, licorice, citrus mix, and cinnamon.

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We sell 100% and 50% extracts as well as liquid extract tinctures.


Extracts are available in different-sized packages.

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Chaga Powders

We sell chaga powders in various-sized packages. Take a closer look in our online store!

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Other Products

Our product range also includes:

  • Berry powders from lingonberry, sea buckthorn, blueberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, and aronia
  • Birch bark products
  • Birch burls
  • Special woods, such as flame birch, alder, alder root burl, rowan, birch root burl, and birch lumber.

Resellers in Finland and Worldwide

We have resellers in Finland and abroad.

Resellers in Finland:

  • EKOseGO.fi
  • Alavieska S-Market
  • HalpaHalli
  • Minimani
  • Kärkkäinen
  • Eko Aarrekauppa
  • some K-kauppa stores.

Resellers abroad:

  • German Amazon
  • Korean Naver online store.

Contact us if you want to become a reseller for our chaga mushroom products!

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We sell unique chaga mushroom products that are made in Alavieska.

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