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Tapu Ltd from Alavieska sells chaga mushroom and its unique and pure products, such as tea, extract, berry powders, herbs, and berry juices. Chaga mushroom is sourced from the Finnish nature and has been utilized for a long time as an ingredient for tea and a substitute for coffee.


For information about the effects of chaga mushroom, you can search online, for example, using Google search, or refer to the book "Pakurikääpä – opas lääkinnällisten sienten maailmaan" by Jaakko Halmetoja.


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Tapu Ltd – Over two decades of chaga mushroom products

Tapu Ltd is a company based in Alavieska, providing chaga mushroom and its unique products. Our company was established in 2008, but we began producing chaga mushroom products in 2002 under another company's name. In 2011, we started the production of chaga tea, powder, and extract.


In addition to chaga, we have been producing berry powders for ten years and herbs for three years. Some of our herbs are organic.


We serve our customers in Alavieska, and if you wish, you can easily shop in our online store from the comfort of your home. Our products are also available from resellers in Finland and around the world. Certain K Group, HalpaHalli, and Minimani stores, as well as a few smaller online stores in Finland, sell our chaga mushroom products.

What is chaga mushroom?

Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a common parasitic fungus on birch and certain other deciduous trees such as beech and alder. It forms irregularly shaped, fissured chaga on living trees. Chaga mushroom develops fungal mycelia that grow between the bark and the wood layers of the tree trunk.

Chaga mushroom grows in the northern boreal forest zone. In Finland, it can be found throughout the country, even as far north as Lapland. Chaga and products made from it have been used for various purposes in Finland and around the world for hundreds of years.


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Chaga Mushroom in Various Products

From our company, you can obtain chaga mushroom grown in the pure Finnish forest in different forms. We manufacture chaga mushroom tea, extract, and tincture. Our customers can also acquire chaga in the form of powder, granules, and even chunks from us. We also deliver larger quantities.


Chaga mushroom in powder form preserves well and can be mixed with other teas or even coffee – a few teaspoons are enough. Chaga, such as chaga chunks, can be easily frozen at home and used over a longer period of time.

Our Products and Resellers

Pure Natural Products

We gather chaga mushrooms from pristine Finnish forests with the permission of forest owners. We do not add any additives to our products; instead, we offer our customers the most natural products possible. We manufacture all chaga products near the original discovery site of the chaga mushroom in the Alavieska region.


We sell chaga directly to customers from our factory. You can also acquire our products from our online store or from our reseller's stores.

Our Resellers in Finland

You can obtain chaga mushroom from the northern forests directly from us – deliveries are available from Alavieska to all of Finland and abroad.

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